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I have found it my experience that when I ask God to teach me to pray what I get is silence. This used to be a huge area of frustration for me until I learned that silence is prayer in its purest form.

After all, we are human beings, not human doings. We were created to BE in God’s presence. The action that arises from our being with God is response to the indwelling that we gain from the communion of being.

So, in those times when I was struggling to pray I learned that if I gave up the struggle I could just be.

One of the best lessons in this came when my mother was dying of Alzheimer’s disease, In the last two years of her life she could no longer communicate, and when I visited with her all I could offer her was my presence. I would sit with her in silence and hold her hand and look into her eyes with love. Sometimes I would hold her rosary in our conjoined hands, but I never felt the need to prattle on with useless chatter, because I knew that my physical presence was much more important than the words I said to her. I would leave from those times with her feeling as though we had communicated in a very deep and meaningful way, and with a sense of peace that would stay with me for hours after I had returned home to my noisy crazy busy home.

Now, my preferred way to pray is to sit in silent communion with God. I don’t feel the need to fill up the space with words or actions, I am just content to be in God’s presence. The nice thing about this form of prayer is that it can fill up any space of time that I find available in my day. If I find myself stuck in traffic, or sitting in the waiting room at the Dr’s Office I can easily slip into this silent communion. Then the rest of the day I try to remain aware of God’s presence with me as I go about the actions of my daily life. because my time spent with God helps me become aware of how God is working in my life.

Give it a try, practice presence, awareness,and thankfulness. All is gift. I promise it will transform your days.