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If you want lessons in endurance, have renovations done to your home. I promise you, if you can endure renovations to your home you can endure anything.

We are doing renovations to our basement. The bathroom is being expanded to make it handicapped accessible and a rather large adjoining game room is being sectioned off to create a bedroom for my mother-in-love who will be moving from the nursing home where she now lives into the new rooms if they ever get completed.

When this all began we assumed that it would easily be done in a month. We are coming up on the one month mark and nothing is near completion. I will be shocked if the construction crew gets all of the finish work done in the one week that is left before mom is supposed to move in.

The workers have been very conscientious and nice to us, but the noise level was so annoying for a few days that we actually had to leave the house while the workers were here, And even though we were given a budget, of course there have been unforeseen expenses along the way that have been frustrating, and telling.

Eventually. God willing, this project will be done and mom will be happily residing in her new comfortable room and we will have survived.

What does this have to do with the Spiritual Life you might ask? I can imagine God being the one who patiently awaits our transformations when we finally realize that we need to change to become the person God wants us to be. We know what needs to be done and we make changes in our lives to move toward that authentic self that God had in mind, but the transition can be painfully slow and messy. And yet. God endures, and waits while we go through the transformation. If God can endure my renovations, then I should be able to endure the time it will take for the work to be done on my house.

Hey, stop laughing. It could happen.