Sorry for the absence, but life has gotten in the way of my intention to blog on a regular basis these last few weeks. In July we started renovations on our basement so that my husband’s mother could move in with us and out of the warehouse for old folks where she had been residing since her stroke a few years ago. She had wanted to move back to her house, but there were just too many barriers to her going back there.

Anyway, a quick rehab job to change our current bathroom downstairs into an ADA compliant handicapped bathroom by expanding it into the closet next to it and then creating a room for her adjacent to that by splitting a rather large game room into two rooms which was supposed to take four weeks kept hitting snags and taking longer and longer to finish. She finally moved in on August 15th with workmen still needing to come in annd do some finish work the following Monday. Over the next two weeks we have been learning a routine that works for all of us in terms of her needs and her privacy.

The first thing she asked to be put up on the wall in her room was her father’s crucifix and rosary, right above her bed. This is her link to her Father’s Catholic roots. I love that about her.

I provide her with coffee in the mornings and dinner each evening, she takes care of herself the rest of the day. Three days a week an aide comes to help with bathing and personal care. She loves being here, and has even convinced me to let her help me with the laundry, by my leaving thw baskets of dried clothing for her to fold. She is a joy to have with us. The kids stop in her room to say hi when they return from work or school, and she joins us for football or movies on the Big Screen television downstairs. She loves to watch the kids play video games as well.

She also loves that she can watch EWTN Mass ans Rosary every day, something she didn’t get to do on the cable feed at the home. And she has come to Mass with us the last two weeks! That makes me really happy.

Now that we have settled into a routine, I should be albe to get back to blogging again. And hopefully having such a wise woman around will teach me much about life and faith and prayer.