On the day when we remember the tragic events of eleven years ago it is hard to remember what our lives were like before the World Trade Center Towers fell. For my youngest daughter the war on terror has been part of her lexicon for all of her formative memory. She doesn’t remember a time before TSA Agents, or heightened security at the Naval base where her father works.

We have a family friend who was in the Pentagon that day, annd have heard his harrowing tale of crawling through smoke to escape and walking for miles back through DC to his hotel. His wife tells us that someone from his office here in Indiana calleld every hour to tell her that they knew where he was and that he was ok, but he still could not reach her even by cell phone untill nearly the next day.

One of the best things to have come out of that sad day is the idea to make this day one in which we all should to do something good as a way of remembering. If everyone exttends a hand of friendship today, perhaps we can wipe out the terror of that day eleven years ago when we all sat in stunned awe watching our peaceful life come down in smoke and ashes.

What good deed will you do today? How will you choose to show kindness and erase fear and terror?