Predictably, (at least in Indiana, where Basketball is everything) as in many years past it snowed this year the week before the boys high school semi-state basketball championship games. Stupid Groundhog predicted an early spring for us, but I suppose in Indiana tradition trumps some east coast groundhog.

The saddest thing about this snow is that we saw crocuses and daffodils coming up in the flowerbed outside of church the other night as we were coming out of choir practice. It always seems to happen, and because this kind of snow rarely ever lasts very long the flowers usually last through them with little or no ill effect.

I’m not sure what spiritual or mystical message I gained from this, except that life isn’t as predictable as you would like to think, but God is always faithful. Even if snow cover the new buds, spring will still come.

What are you struggling to wait for, believe in, trust that God will be faithful about?