Indianapolis Archdiocesan Assistant Bishop Christopher Coyne, (follow him on Facebook at Bishop Christopher Coyne or on Twitter at @bishopcoyne) who came to us over a year ago from the East Coast — well the Boston area really which makes him a Patriots fan but we don’t like to think about that — posted something on Facebook today about our idiosyncratic spring weather:

Bishop Christopher Coyne :
12 hours ago ·

“Is it just me or did we here in Indiana just go from Winter to Spring with nothing in between? I mean one minute it was 40F the next it was 75F.”

I thought it only fair that someone help him. We have come to love him over the last year that he has been our apostolic administrator and assistant Bishop and we want him to feel comfortable here.

Yes, Bishop Coyne, in Indiana it can be nearly freezing one day, and sweltering the very next day. This is what we call weather. But don’t get used to this beautiful, warm weather we are having finally, because it can just as easily go back to freezing tomorrow.

Indiana is the only place I have ever lived where you can wear flip flops, but you will freely admit that you keep a parka in the back seat of your car, “just in case.” In Indiana it has actually snowed on Mother’s Day and that is in May! May!!!! There aren’t any mountain’s here, there is no reason for weather that extreme except, well, it’s Indiana.

Indiana has the most obtuse weather. We have notoriously late springs (stupid groundhog); in the summer it gets so hot and humid that one might think that you were in the Amazon Basin. In the winter it can be in the 60’s with people picnicking and the very next day that same park will be buried in 16 inches of snow.

We really only have three true seasons here: too darn hot, too darn cold, and Basketball Season (seriously, babies are issued basketballs by the hospital in which they are born, and you can see basketball goals on almost every driveway, garage and barn in the state) and they all overlap. A person playing darts has about as good a chance of predicting the weather here as a well trained meteorologist.

For instance, today we were supposed to get a huge rainstorm. It rained for a nanosecond. The air is so thick with unreleased humidity that the Indiana Weather Service has considered issuing a scuba gear advisory: breathe at your own risk!

We tolerate the weather here, because, well, it’s Indiana. Spring also brings us dogwood, redbud and tulip poplar trees that are stunningly beautiful and in the fall the leaves turn every color of the autumn spectrum. Because of this, a simple drive to work gives us a chance to contemplate the grandeur of God’s creative plan.

Bishop Coyne, I realize it can be difficult to navigate our seasons, but I hope you can find the beauty here that we know. And I hope you have a really effective heat pump.