A few years ago I turned 50 years old.  That fact might give pause to some, but I chose to look at life in a whole new way that year.  I spent the entire month of my birth doing small things to celebrate my birthday.  One day I would donate something to charity, another I would go out to lunch with my daughter. A manicure was the treat on another day, I took a long walk with my husband on one day. 

Spending each day for a month celebrating in some small way how happy I was to be alive made me realized how blessed I was with everything that God has given me.  Who could feel depressed while feeling so blessed?

That month-long celebration was so wonderful that I vowed to do it every year.  The 2014 celebration begins today.  My husband got to come home from an extended business trip for a few days, so he is my first gift this year.  I am also sending a check to my cousin Kasey who is a teacher so that she can purchase books for her third grade class room.  Giving to others is part of my birth month celebration too.

Some days the celebration is as simple as trying a new tea, or setting aside extra time for reading a good book, or knitting. Other days I will be going out to lunch or coffee with friends.

The most interesting thing about the month of celebration is that it makes me feel so blessed, and overwhelmed with love, especially God’s love.  I am fearfully wonderfully made.  Who could be depressed about getting older with all that love surrounding me?