When I was growing up my family would visit with my cousins (my dad’s brother’s family) almost every Sunday. One week we would travel to their house and the next time they would come to our house.  Even though I knew that they were coming I would still be practically giddy with excitement waiting for their car to drive up the street to our house. 

Hours before they were supposed to arrive I would grab a book and park myself on the radiator in front of the big bay window and pretend to read. I was much too excited to read though. I would sit with my nose pressed against the glass of the window watching and waiting. Eventually my cousin’s car would come into view, park,  and my cousins would spill out. My wating would finally be over and my joy would be complete.

This Sunday the Season of Advent begins.  Each year it happens again, but this doesn’t dampen our excitement and anticipation.  As in other years Advent progresses, the Incarnation grows closer and closer until it is upon us, our waiting will be over and our joy will be complete. But for now, we press our faces against the window and wait.