In the state where I live there is a rather large city in one corner, but you can’t get there from here. Well, you can drive there, but there isn’t a good way to get from the Capitol city in the center of the state to this city in the corner of the state without going miles out of the way in one direction or another and using State Roads that slow down travel because they wind through every little town along the way. 

In an effort to make travel routes for trucking more efficient throughout the Midwest corridor of the United States, a new Interstate was proposed that would connect  Detroit to New Orleans.  This new Interstate just happens to run right next to the city in the corner of my state and connects with the Capitol, thus making a way to get there from here.  We have been in the center of the construction of that interstate for the past ten years and it will continue for at least ten more to complete.  Parts of the construction are just a few miles from my house and have disrupted my husband’s drive into work. We have watched the valleys being filled in and the mountains (well, hills really) being made low to make a highway for the people.

Watching all of this construction has given me a deeper understanding of the power of these words of scripture.  This is not a simple task, and it requires much work to complete.  If our spiritual life is the rugged land that must be tamed in order for the glory of the Lord to be revealed there is much work to be done.