I saw a meme the other day that juxtaposed the words Christ used at the Institution of the Eucharist over a protest for safe, legal abortions, without apology:  “This is my body.”  To be honest as a lifelong Catholic it had never occurred to me that women in the pro-abortion camp have co-opted the words of our Savior when he gave us the ultimate self emptying sacrificial gift of Himself for our salvation as their rallying cry to justify the totally selfish act of sacrificing the life of their unborn child for their own needs.  I was floored.  

Right on the heels of that meme comes two videos from The Center for Medical Progress showing top Administrators in the largest purveyor of so called “safe, legal abortions in this country; Planned Parenthood at lunch haggling over the reimbursement, or fee, or whatever term they are using for the procurement of intact human organs from abortions performed after twelve weeks.  They even discussed in graphic detail the methods used to assure procurement of satisfactory specimens for the transaction. All of this was done while these women were eating lunch and sipping wine.  It was gruesome to watch, but I did, watching the unedited tapes, to assure myself that I wasn’t making a snap judgement.  In one case Dr. Nucatolla (in the first video released) does say that they don’t want to appear to be profiting from the transaction.  I listened to that part three times to make sure I heard her correctly.  

The other thing that is mentioned is that the women who come in to have abortions are asked if they wish to donate the “products of conception” to research.  Since I have no idea what this process looks like, and have never personally seen the form, or know anyone I can ask, I cannot comment on how thorough the paperwork is on the release of consent.  

There is one huge disconnect here though.  The baby growing inside the mother is not, in fact part of her body.  It may be attached to her in a symbiotic relationship for a time, but genetically it is a completely autonomous person.  For the mother to say, I can do what I want with my body is a lie, because an abortion includes someone else’s body as well. 

  Selling fetal organs procured from abortion for research is against the law.  Abortions in the last trimesters are against the law in most states now.  To obtain some organs and tissues the body must be alive within five minutes of the actual procurement, so how many of these abortions are done as partial birth or born alive both of which are illegal or just plain immoral, to get proper specimens?  Does the procedure really warrant between $30 and $150 compensation per specimen for the work they do when they are already being paid for the original abortion procedure?  It sounds to me like they are double dipping.  It is grotesque to even be debating this, but I want to try to flesh out their argument a bit.  

Planned Parenthood’s response to this has been to first not to deny any of it but to apologize for the tone that Dr. Nucatolla used when speaking about what they do.  Next they went after the people from The Center for Medical Progress in a big way saying that their people were entrapped into saying the things they said.  ( if you can stomach watching the entire three hours of unedited video in each case, no entrapment occurred.) Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Whip has even asked the Attorney General to investigate CMP, seriously, while at least 18 other Congresmen and three Governors  from both parties are asking for a full investigation of Planned Parenthood.

If there is grace that can come from this horrific situation, perhaps it will be that more people will view the unborn as human and autonomous persons in their own right.  After all, if someone can sell their organs, they must be human, right?

Pray for the babies who have been sacrificed at the altar of profit and research, and please continue to pray fir an end to abortion in our lifetime.