It Is Good To Get Away To Pray

Several months ago I planned to go on retreat from July 29 through August 3. At the time it fit perfectly into the family schedule for me to be away from home this week just before the start of the new school year. Back then we hadn’t contracted to have the renovations done to the basement and have my husband’s mother move in with us the first week in August.

So when I left home yesterday morning the renovations were nowhere near done and there was still a lot to do to get ready to have my wonderful mother in love move in with us but I still left to go on my retreat trusting that my husband and children will get things done even though I am not there, because it is good to get away to pray.

I have needed a retreat for a while now, and this one on SEEING THE WORD: The Creative Imagination and The St. John’s Bible really spoke to my soul. I have loved the St. John’s Bible since the first video a professor showed to us about it in Gradual School, and am fascinated by how it was created and the artistic temperament that fueled the passion behind it. I know that when I see images from it I am drawn so much more deeply into scripture. Hopefully by the end of this week I will have gained some skills to help me to create images that can draw others more deeply into scripture as well.

And if that isn’t enough, the guest house here has the most beautiful pastoral setting. I have a beautiful view of the lake from my room and am just steps from the Abbey Church.

So I intend to leave the renovations at home in the capable hands of my husband and do what I came here to do, retreat, revive, reflect and renew.

I may post during the week, I may not. I am leaving that an open question.

Location:Colegeville, MN


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