Pope Francis

Our new Pope has made it through his first Angelus, and as he has shown since he first stepped out onto the Loggia at the Vatican,he keeps doing things in his own simple way.

He walks or takes a simple sedan rather than the Vatican Limousine. He takes time to shake the hands of the people who are one or around the square. He kisses babies and blesses mothers. He dresses simply. He even gave a silent blessing to to Media to respect those whose beliefs differ or who do not believe rather than giving a verbal Catholic blessing that they might ignore, that statement made an impact. These are things I think that carry over from his Jesuit training and his vow of chastity poverty and obedience.

When someone on his staff says to him “Holy Father it has always been done this way”. He has the presence of mind to ask “Why?” His liturgical style is beautiful, but not showy. And yet, he is forceful in speaking for the truth when it needs to be spoken.

My children, who are all but one, older than I was when Blessed John Paul II became Pope, have an amazing Shepherd to usher them into their adult Catholic Faith. We as a church are blessed. He isn’t so much breaking traditions as showing us a new way; his way of being Pope. I for one can’t wait to see what lesson he will teach us next.


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