Resolve to Dream

I have a revolutionary idea for this New Year’s Day. Instead of making resolutions of how you want to change your life, why not write down your dreams for how you want your life to be and what you can do to make those dreams a reality in the coming year?

These dreams don’t have to be huge and unattainable, they just have to me positive and motivational. For instance; I would love to have my manuscript completed and sent to my publisher before we leave for our trip to Ireland in August. To that end I am willing to set aside time each week dedicated to working on research and writing.

Another dream of mine is to be in better shape. I have decided to make my workouts fun by making sure I have many options ( Kinect games, yoga DVD’s, workout bands and balls, and friends to walk with when the weather gets nice enough). With plenty of options I should never get bored with my workouts.

A third dream is to be more organized. I have been a disorganized person from childhood. I am going to take simple steps, working on one area of my house at a time, to get my life more organized and manageable.

And my BIG dream for this year is our trip to Ireland in August. i have already started looking at Tourism Ireland sites and getting information on the places I would like to go while we are there.

What are your dreams for the new year? What are you willing to do to make your dreams a reality?


2 thoughts on “Resolve to Dream”

  1. Suzanne said:

    Ah…yet another good one! Your motivating me …

  2. Suzanne said:

    You’re ..after I learn to spell again..yikes.

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