The Body Doesn’t Lie

I have been reading a really great book this last week: Anam Ćara A Book of Celtic Wisdom By John ODonohue.

Celtic Spirituality is very holistic. Spirit (soul) mind and body, all three are connected; and only when all three work together do you have an integrated sense of who you truly are.

One of the best nuggets from my reading so far is that the body doesn’t lie to us, while our mind plays all manner of games with us. When I look back over my struggles with arthritis, asthma, joint problems, sleep issues and my weight I see the truth in this laid bare.

My body was screaming the truth to me: do something to fix these problems before they kill you! But my mind was rationalizing away that the little I was doing was enough, or that I was destined to a life filled with drugs and pain.

It took my finally deciding that I had had enough. I think I understand now what reaching the bottom feels like. I was totally determined to do whatever it took to change my life. Last August I started a weight loss plan that has really made a difference and now I can feel it.

Now, when my weight has decreased to below what I have weighed in twenty plus years, I can feel a difference in my body. Not only do I feel lighter, but I have more energy and less pain. My mood is different, less pessimistic, less dark. My outlook is brighter, my step is a bit quicker and I smile more.

My mind isn’t rationalizing anymore because my body is allowing its truth to be told. Granted I am still arthritic and asthmatic, and I have about half of the weight still to lose, but with the changes in my diet and exercise those issues bother me less than they did, and. Am confident that in time I will be back to a body whose truth shows through on the outside for all the world to see.

What truth is your body telling you? Are you brave enough to listen?


1 thought on “The Body Doesn’t Lie”

  1. Suzanne said:

    I like your new blog and could not wait to read this post. I love it! Thanks, Maggie! I might need to check this book out, also. I so agree Spirit (soul), mind, and body to need to blend together to get the most in our life and yes, to understand ourselves. I’ve been learning some more about this over these past few years through spiritual books connected with addictions counseling and step programs, however, I sometimes like to ponder other writings because I do tire of the drug or alcoholt talk if that makes sense…even in working in that area, it still can be a depressing topic and that doesn’t help..guess you can read too much of anything. Thanks for sharing.

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