When it is So Cold You Question Your Sanity Just By Going Outside

It was very difficult to remain chaste in word yesterday because the temperature around here was in the single digits. I ran through all of my creative tongue-twisty terms that I use to avoid taking our Dear Savior’s name in vain; such as schnickelfritz, and have mercy.

At one point I do believe that the act of breathing in caused me to think impure thoughts concerning the torture I wanted to visit upon Al Gore and his other Global Warming Homies.

It is a day like yesterday that prove to me that I could only be a martyr if it were in a warm climate and I were offered sufficient amounts of coffee.

I wonder how much reflection it will take for me to come to terms with the fact that in truth I am really am a spiritual wimp.

Is there a Boot Camp that can prepare a person for something like that? I suppose it is helpful to think of it as Corrie ten Boom’s father told her about courage: He asked her when she was going to visit he grandmother on the train when did he give her her ticket? She replied, right before she got on the train. He tld her that is the same with God and courage. God waits until just before we need courage and then he supplies us with what we need.

That does not explain my lack of fortitude in the cold, but perhaps I didn’t ask for it specifically enough.

What gift or fruit of the Spirit do you need to pray for more specifically?


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